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This paper discusses the curriculum of traditional Islamic boarding school in the current globalization era. This institution was born in the era of Walisongo during the colonial period established by the society. In this period, traditional Islamic boarding schools are confronted with the complicated problems. Nowadays, Pesantren becomes a part of a national education system, and it is projecred to have a high level Quality education. In the current condition, pesantren is confronted with the challenges of globalization with negative and positive effects. The developed and brings a free trade among Asian. In this era, Pesantren as an institutional education is a part that could pay attention for it. Pesantren in the future should give knowledge to santri dealt with broader perspective in islamic knowledge, as well as in science and technology, economic and also give attention to santri about entrepreneurship to enhance their skill of life and then could compete with others in this world. This research is qualitatively based on the sources of some books and journals from scholars that describe the development and challanges of Islamic boarding school and how the institutions are confronted with phenomenon of current globalization era.

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Tahun Terbit juni 2017
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