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In schools, learners with Hearing Impairment (HI) are often exposed to American Sign Language (ASL), while also developing literacy skills in English. ASL does not have a written form, but is a fully accessible language to the learners with HI through wich is possible to mediate understanding, draw on prior experiences, and engage critical thinking and reasoning. The results of Kenya Certifitacate Primary Education conducted by Kenya National Examination Council in Kenya since the year 2010 showed that learners with hearing impairment at Njia Special School performed poorly in English Language. The purpose of this study was to establish strategies used in teaching written English to learners with at Njia Special School. A descriptive survey disegn was used in this study. A sample of 5 English language teachers, 8 learners with HI and one head teacher were involved in this study. Data wa collected using questionnaires, observation schedules and interview schedules. The data was analyzed majorly using excel, a computer program that makes number manipulation easy. Qualitative data was presented in narrative form. it was established that teachers did not have good knowledge of strategies and project that cloud be used to improve writing among learners with hearing impairment. instead they used teaching of new words and using them in sentences, copying sentences anf continous writing that was not done frequently. This could not bring learners up to the desired leve of writing. The study recommends that; teachers for learners with hearing impairment should be frequently inducted on strategies for teaching writing, teachers for learners with hearing impairment should be fully exposed on strategies for identifying learners with writing diffculties, the school administration should ensure that learners with hearing impairment are given adequate writing practices, learners should be exposed to Kenyan Sign Language structure early enough and English language teachers shoulsd constanly evaluate the effectiviness of their remedial programs.

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Tahun Terbit 2017
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