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International JOURNAL of Education and Research

The topic on emerging coditions of labour in the cut flower industry has attracted the interest of a few scholars. This study attempted to establish the emerging patterns of labour on the employees' profile, working conditions and their remuneration. To achieve this goal the study focused on Kenyan cut flower industry. This study endeavors to measure the patterns of the employees' profile working conditions and workers remmuneration. Comparative survey of 358 workes was conducted in three Kenyan cut flower regions in Kenya, namely, Naivasha, Thika and Nanyuki. The study was largely quantitative. The results were presented using descriptive and bivariate statistics to analyzed socio-demographic characteristics of workers in the industry. This study estabilished that overtime, there has been change on the level of education, acquaisition of technical and professional skills and terms of employment in the cut flower industry. The workers level of education is higher than in previous years. Workers in the industry have either technical or professional skills thought not relevant in the industry as one of the requiretments. Their working conditions are at least better with majority earning higher wages than the agricultural legislated monthly minimum wage in Kenya. However, their earned wage is not adequate for decent living. They thus form part of the working poor.

Pernyataan Tanggungjawab
Pengarang Joseph G. Kabiru - Personal Name
No. Panggil 330 JGK i
ISBN/ISSN 2411-5681
Subyek JUrnal Internasional
Judul Seri
GMD Text
Bahasa Indonesia
Penerbit international centre
Tahun Terbit 2018
Tempat Terbit
Deskripsi Fisik ill, 214 hlm; 29 cm
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