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The aim of the study was to determine the factors that infuence the process of tendering in governtment institutions. The specific objectives was to determine the effect of technology in tendering process of government institutions, to establish the effect of training on the tendering process of government institutions, ti find out the effect of funds in identifications and selection of a successful tenderer in government institutions, and to indentify how government policies affect tendering in government institutions. Most organizations are lacking the desired skills on tendering process which is why they fail the whole process. government policies during tendering are not being followed in these organizations; due to lack of proper training.
Therefore the researcher came up with the following recommendations:-
Organizations should invest in technology, value traingning, and ensure there are sufficient funds since it is the back born of any effective business in the current world.

Pernyataan Tanggungjawab
Pengarang Mosoti Benard Mang 'era - Personal Name
No. Panggil 330 MBM i
ISBN/ISSN 2411-5681
Subyek JUrnal Internasional
Judul Seri
GMD Text
Bahasa Indonesia
Penerbit international centre
Tahun Terbit 2015
Tempat Terbit
Deskripsi Fisik ill, 274 hlm; 29 cm
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